Memorial Card & Mass Cards

For your convenience, the Shrine of St. Joseph offers Memorial cards (Deceased) and Special Intention Cards (Illness, Anniversary, Birthday, etc.).

Memorial Card & Mass Cards

How to Receive a Memorial Card or Mass Card

If you wish to receive a Memorial Card or Mass Card please complete the following steps:

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Download, Print & Complete: Memorial Card Order Form
Mass Card Order Form

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Make out a check to: Shrine of St. Joseph’s Friends, Inc. If requesting a Mass Card, please include $10 stipend.

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Mail Application & Check to: Shrine of St. Joseph’s Friends Inc.
1220 North 11th Street,
St. Louis, MO 63106

The memorial card will be sent to you. Your card will read: A Gift has been received from _____. In Memory (or Special Intention) of _____. This gift will help further the cause of the restoration and preservation of the historic Shrine of St. Joseph. In addition, the above named person will be remembered in all Masses that will be offered at the Shrine. Be assured that St. Joseph hears all prayers of those who go to him.

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Other Ways to Support the Shrine

Other ways you can support The Shrine are by purchasing Memorial & Mass Cards, joining Steam & Air Club, or Purchasing a DVD or Video.